Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Sandra Zaager

What GHS Meant to Me

---Germantown High School was made a happy time for me due to Mr. Krimins, Mrs. Sklar and Mrs. Jones. I was not the best of students but I enjoyed those teachers and my friends. I made some wonderful friends, more and more with whom, I am now becoming reunited.

Life After GHS

---I had 2 beautiful sons and a husband who is a lovely man who always supports me in all my endeavors. Marvin Snyder and I celebrated 44 years of marriage in June 2003.

---We lived in Philadelphia for the first 15 years of our married life during which time I became involved in politics as a supporter and volunteer worker in several causes and campaigns.

---We then moved to Merion on the Main Line where my husband and I started our own business. He is a pension actuary (Mr. Krimins would have loved the fact that I married a mathematician). We had our own pension general administration firm until 1987 when we began a specialization dealing with valuing pensions in divorce cases.

---In 1996 we moved to Las Vegas where we now reside. My husband and I are still striving for some sort of contentment after suffering a sever tragedy in 1996. Our older son, his wife and our granddaughter died in a fire in Milwaukee. Our younger son, his lovely wife and our 18-month grandson live in San Jose. That is not that far from Las Vegas so we see them as often as we can.

---The class reunion in Philadelphia next year will give me the opportunity to get reacquainted with high school friends as well as to visit friends and relatives in the area where we lived for so long. My husband will accompany me.

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