Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Ruth Barshinger

Memories of Germantown High

***My memories of GHS include many things. Iíve heard you usually remember the good things and not the bad, so my memories are fond memories of the good education, caring faculty, and great friends. GHS was a school you felt proud to attend because of the great school spirit.

***I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Volkmarís Spanish class, Miss Moody, Miss Duffy, and Mr. Krimins. Their enthusiasm about what they taught was catching. I will never forget Mr. Duncan who gave me an ďAĒ for dissecting a frog - which I never did because I rubbed my eye after passing the frogs and had to go to the nurse. This got me out of that part of Biology- which I was deathly afraid to do.

***In looking through the yearbook, I was impressed with all the clubs and sports that were available. My favorite was Majorettes which I was so proud to be part of, especially when we got out early to go to the football games and parades. The practices before school were not as much fun except when poor Mr. Evans lost it and stormed into the school leaving us standing there because some band members messed up his formations.

***The students that impressed me the most were Lois Addison, Valerie Henson, and Harrison Sheppard because of their intense dedication. Of course there are many others that made my days at GHS a great experience.

Life After GHS

***I worked for one year at Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and then got married in June 1958 and moved to Allentown, PA. After being a stay-at-home mom to my 3 children, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I began working for temporary agencies. I was sent by one agency to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA where I did temporary work exclusively for them for many years until accepting a permanent position. I have just completed 21 years at Lehigh where I am presently the Academic Coordinator in the Chemical Engineering Department. Being around all the students is a lot of fun and helps to keep me young.

***After raising my children, my husband and I enjoyed traveling in our motor home. Iíve also made several trips to Europe and look forward to traveling to other areas of the world when I retire.

***My daughter graduated from Moravian College in Bethlehem with a degree in Psychology, lives in Allentown and has a son. I have a married son living in Cincinnati who received a Bachelorís Degree in Communications from Lee University in Tennessee and a Masterís Degree in Communications from United Theological Seminary in Ohio. My youngest son has a Bachelorís Degree in music from Lee University in Tennessee, a Masterís Degree in Music from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA from Lehigh University. I am now a widow since my husband passed away in 1997.

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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
& to George Palmer for sending Lois His Copy of the January 1957 Yearbook.

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