Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Richard Breyer

Memories of GHS:

---My early years were pretty confused and unmemorable. I tried the “hoody” look but motorcycle boots and peg pants weren’t my thing, especially since Mom kept un-pegging my pants and required frequent haircuts so the D.A. style was impossible. It was, therefore, easier (and cheaper) to go with the flattop haircuts, chinos and white bucks! Enjoyed J.V. football (though not very good at it!), played drums in the band and student government in my senior year was a “gas.” Tumble Inn was the place to be every Friday night and I’ll never forget the senior class trip and Prom night (weekend). Made lots of friends and, all in all, enjoyed my Germantown years.

---Faculty: Major memories--Bill Bernardo and Mr. Augustine, Phys Ed and football; Mr. Evans, band; and most memorable Merv Krimmans, great teacher who made learning fun.


---On to college at Drexel Institute (now University) for 2 ˝ years where I played more than studied, so into the workaday world for a couple of years at a couple of jobs before entering the life insurance business in ‘63. From agent into several home office positions while getting married and having two great kids, earned my degree from Temple University. Amicable divorce and in 1981, moved to Houston, TX to head up a regional marketing office for a major Philadelphia based life insurer. Married again in ’83 and moved to Scottsdale with the same company to be a Regional Director. Various twists and turns had me winding up as a Vice President/Estate Planning Consultant with Wachovia Securities covering four southwestern states. Recently celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, have 2 grandchildren, 7 step-grandchildren, enjoying life immensely and looking forward to the coming reunion. Enjoyed the 10th and 20th where I played emcee and am willing to be involved to whatever degree I can in this one.

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Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
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