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24 September, 2003

GHS1957 2nd Class Reunion 2004 Committee Meeting,
held 9/23/03, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Classmate Attendees (married names):
Anita Beck (Gross), Sandi Berger (Rubin), Mark Borowsky, Richard Cohen, Nancy Colvin (Siegfried), Pat Dotson (Massie), Joseph Hannon, Seymour Hoffman, Lyn Hurst (Teel), Linda Kosmin (Langford), Arlene Leonard (Caplin), Rosalind Miller (Silverstein), Bruce Weiner.
Guest: George Langford

Following Dutch treat meal, meeting was called to order by Seymour Hoffman at 8:15p.m. (Note: maiden names used below)

(1) URGENT ACTION ITEM Estimated costs for all anticipated expenditures (i.e., to cover projects/assignments) needs to be submitted in writing by each Committee to Sandi Berger no later than November 30, 2003;
(2) Reunion 2004 Treasurer Sandi Berger (Rubin) reported that there is now $612.37 in the reunion bank account. Hopefully, more seed money donations will be sent soon to help cover up front costs associated with banquet deposits, invitations, postage, etc. Donation checks can still be sent payable to: Germantown High School Class of 1957 and mailed to Sandi Berger, 2865 S. Eagle Rd, # 321, Newtown, PA 18940-1546.

Classmates Myrna Polak (Deaux) and Marilyn Kasinetz (Becker) investigated possible reunion sites and submitted a detailed report (9/19/03) to Chair Seymour Hoffman for consideration by the meeting attendees. The site, menu, and date were deemed acceptable. Site negotiations are still underway. An announcement will be made once contractual terms are agreed upon and finalized. The report included suggestions for a customized brunch cuisine combining delicious selections from both breakfast and lunch menu choices, a block of hotel rooms that would be made available at reduced rates, up to two complimentary rooms for committee activities, and a large ballroom facility for the main festivities.

(1) Mark Borowsky provided printed copies to meeting attendees. Arlene Leonard (Caplin) brought to the meeting and has now lent Mark two earlier reunion booklets in the hopes that information in them may shed light about missing people. Mark will provide Lois with a copy of the edition she is missing. Roz Miller (Silverstein) went through the list and alerted Mark to some useful information. Pat Dotson (Massie) and Lyn Hurst (Teel) will provide additional information about contacts on the list, as well as—sadly—confirm names of a few more June classmates that need to be added to the Web Memorial page; (2) Mark Borowsky and Harrison Sheppard are now serving on Lois Addison’s People Research Committee. They will assist with searching the Web and/or various other databases to help Lois and other Committee members reduce the number of missing classmates and to bolster the master GHS57 reunion database. All past and future input from classmates that can ease their quest for contact information about missing classmates is greatly appreciated;
(2) Linda Kosmin (Langford) spoke with Lois and learned that George Palmer agreed to lend Lois his copy of the January 1957 Class yearbook. Moreover, Eleanor Rankin Stevenson (Jan 1957 Class Pres) mailed Lois a copy of the April 1997 40th Reunion booklet for the January Class with a list of missing January classmates. These January names will soon be added to the missing classmates list, which currently is composed mostly of June 1957 graduates.

(1) Lois Addison drafted the letter ("Reunion Booklet Biography", which can be read by clicking here) . It is being sent to all classmates and requests high school reflections and biographical information. Meeting attendees-- with Lois’ permission-- added the phrase about the booklet committee reserving the right to edit. Pat Dotson (Massie) will postal mail copies to those January and June classmates without email where address information is available. Pat will need someone on the booklet committee to provide her with mailing labels and an estimate of the number of postage stamps she will need. The booklet committee should include these cost estimates in their budget estimates; (2) Guest George Langford suggested that the booklet committee consider providing the Memory Booklet on CD-ROM. Linda added the idea that several printouts could be displayed on an exhibit table at the reunion for classmates to preview. Mark agreed to take these suggestions back to the booklet committee.

(1) It was decided to merge these efforts under the leadership of classmate Richard Cohen, who has had an outstanding career in visual arts. The following agreed to serve on Richard’s joint committee: Anita Beck (Gross); Nancy Colvin (Siegfried), Gail Glynn (Meckling), Roz Miller (Silverstein).

Arlene Leonard (Caplin) chairs this effort. She will work with volunteer digital photographer George Langford to insure that many pictures are taken during the reunion.

Not yet decided.

Sandi Berger and her publicity committee will facilitate spreading the word. Also, Linda will post on notices, since she is the contact for the GHS57 2004 reunion.

Not yet decided.

The following addition, under PUBLICITY COMMITTEEE -- (4) Lyn Hurst (Teel) is in charge of Radio Publicity.

December 9, 2003 at 6:30 pm Dutch Treat Dinner at Applebys in the Adams Mark Hotel, Bala Cynwyd (Restaurant validates parking ticket). RSVP to Linda by November 15 , 2003, because restaurant needs lead time to accommodate large party at prime dinner hour.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Kosmin (Langford)


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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
& to George Palmer for sending Lois His Copy of the January 1957 Yearbook.

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