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07 August, 2003

GHS1957 Class Reunion 2004 Committee Meeting
held August 5, 2003, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Classmate Attendees (married names):
Anita Beck (Gross) Sandi Berger (Rubin) Mark Borowsky, Pat Dotson (Massie), Gail Glynn (Meckling), Seymour Hoffman, Marilyn Kasinetz (Becker), Linda Kosmin (Langford), Arlene Leonard (Caplin), Myrna Polak (Deaux), Rae Smith (Lerner),Lyn Hurst (Teel).
Guest: George Langford

Following Dutch treat dinner, the meeting was called to order by Chair Seymour Hoffman at 8:15p.m. (Note: maiden names used below)

Sandi Berger (Rubin) reported that there is now $385.97 in the reunion bank account owing to donations of seed money that arrived this past week plus funds remaining from an earlier reunion. The bank is in the process of making a $155.39 adjustment to the account that could result in a credit for monthly service fees that should not have been deducted owning to non-profit account status. That would bring current funds available to $541.36. More donations of seed money are anticipated owing to messages from classmates.

Seymour asked if the June 1957 Class Officers were notified about the reunion planned for 2004. Linda Kosmin (Langford) explained that President Larry Cope has been contacted by phone and email. Class Treasurer Delores Gemenden has been contacted and responds via Class Vice President Ann Hewes still needs to be called; have identified possible phone number in Monroe, NY. No current phone number yet for Class Secretary Charles Jones.

The following classmates volunteered and will serve as Reunion 2004 Officers:

Chair= Seymour Hoffman
Recording Secretary= Linda Kosmin (Langford)
Corresponding Secretary (for flyers, bulk mail, etc)=Pat Dotson (Massie)
Treasurer=Sandi Berger (Rubin)
Assistant Treasurer=Arlene Leonard (Caplin)
Reunion Database (all aspects)=Lois Addison
Reunion Webmaster=George Fetherman

Linda Kosmin (Langford) reported that 58 responses were received to general survey emailed to classmates with email addresses. Sunday Hotel Brunch in suburb of Phila in October was the winner, outnumbering dinner or lunch in hotel restaurant, regular restaurant, in private home, or on a river boat cruise. Three possible Sunday dates in 2004 were selected: October 10, 17, or 24. Hotel banquet openings may dictate final choice. General consensus was that only mementos to be given to classmates attending should be (a) reunion booklet (i.e., with addresses, yearbook pictures and maybe also current picture, and brief biographical sketches submitted by classmates);(b)group picture taken by professional photographer.

Marilyn Kasinetz (Becker) reported on the Villanova conference Center as a possible reunion location. It has some size limitations. Myrna Polak (Deaux) and Marilyn have agreed to coordinate efforts to identify the three best locations for the Reunion based on criteria decided at the meeting (which was based on mini-survey results above).

Arlene Leonard (Caplin) agreed to look into various services offered.

(1) NEWSPAPERS: Sandi Berger (Rubin) reported that she sent (no fee required) reunion notices to the following papers: Burlington Cty Times, Bucks Cty Courier Times, Camden Courier Times, Washington Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Intelligenser (Doylestown,PA), Philadelphia Inquirer (Weekend PA Lists), Jewish Exponent. She welcomes all suggestions for other papers that do not charge to place reunion notices. Lyn Hurst (Teel) will assist with newspaper publicity henceforth;
(2) Gail Glynn (Meckling) will work to help insure timely mass mailings and work on design for a reunion invitation.
(3) George Fetherman will continue to update and maintain the highly informative Web site he created for the GHS57 class reunions. Linda reported that Webmaster George informed her that the site is now heavily indexed by search engine Google so that anyone searching on terms such as +Germantown +High +1957 will pull up links to all relevant web pages. Special thanks noted to George for his outstanding Web contribution and to Lois Addison for supplying George with digital images that help make the Web site so spectacular.
(4) Lyn Hurst (Teel) is in charge of Radio Publicity.

Some discussion. No decision.

Richard Cohen and Anita Beck volunteered.

Right now the Committee has three. Mark Borowsky volunteered to see it through production. Lois Addison and George Fetherman continue to update data and are considering various layout ideas. Mark intends to check on printer fees and other options; and, possibilities for paid advertisements to be included (e.g. business cards of classmates; in honor of messages, etc).

Linda Kosmin (Langford) reported that the phone squad now has two major efforts
(1) to continue to contact classmates to alert to reunion/verify contact information; and
(2) to get biographical sketches for the reunion booklet. Phone Squad Committee: Ruth Barhsinger (Kneller), Merle Block (Rose), Miriam Brody (Kramnick), Pat Dotson (Massie), Lorraine Earle (Griffin), Lyn Hurst (Teel), Elga Stalte (Mitosky). Linda is considering transferring the role of Coordinator of Phone Squad Efforts to another classmate volunteer.

Following were not able to attend the Aug 5 meeting but offered to help as needed. I can provide committees with contact info:
Doris Beck (Wittkorn), Nancy Colvin (Siegfried) , Linda Damerjian (Vishab), Gary Gardner, Esther Malter, Roz Miller (Silverstein), Harrison Sheppard but not phone squad, Arthur Thomas, Lois Toporov (Borden), Walter Painter.

September 23 at 6:30pm Dutch Treat Dinner at Applebys in the Adams Mark Hotel, Bala Cynwyd (Restaurant validates parking ticket). RSVP to Linda no later than September 9, 2003, because restaurant needs lead time to accommodate large party at prime dinner hour.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Kosmin (Langford)


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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
& to George Palmer for sending Lois His Copy of the January 1957 Yearbook.

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