Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957

News From Linda

01 August, 2003

Below is RSVP list for those who are planning to attend
Aug 5 dinner at Adams Mark Applebys

1. Anita Beck

2. Sandi Berger (Treasurer)

3. Mark Borowsky

4. Nancy Colvin

5. Pat Dotson

6. Gail Glynn

7. Joe Hannon

8. Elizabeth Hill

9. Seymour Hoffman (Meeting Chair)

10. Marilyn Kasinetz

11. Linda Kosmin (Recording Secretary)

12. George Langford (husband of Linda)

13. Arlene Leonard

14. Myrna Polak

15. Rae Smith

16. Carolyn Teel


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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the Yearbook.

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