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23 June 2004

Hello Classmates,

---I was absent from the June 23, 2004 Reunon Planning Meeting. Minutes below were taken and submitted by Classmate Lyn Hurst Teel.

---With this message I am asking George Fetherman to please post this entire message on the GHS57 Website. This message is being emailed as bcc copies to all email addresses that I have on file for the reunion.


OF JUNE 23, 2004


CLASSMATES in attendance:

Sandi Berger Rubin, Roz Miller Silverstein, Myrna Polak Deaux, Lyn Hurst Teel, Seymour Hoffman, AKA, Cy, Marilyn Kasinetz Becker, Nick Zecca and Arlene Leonard Caplin

The meeting was called to order by Cy.
Copies of the agenda were distributed, as were, copies of the report from the Memory Booklet Committee.



---We discussed the contents of the report from the Booklet Committee. Much of the report was about the set up of the booklet. It was suggested that photographed pictures from the year book or personal pictures that classmates had taken from 1954-1957, depicting life at GHS, be included in the year book.

---We'll be searching for those old pictures. We're also hoping that we'll be able to include pictures from the Junior and Senior Class Trips. Any personal pictures will be returned to their owners.

---The recommendation was made that we re-create the pictures that represented the Cutiest Couple, Funniest Couple, Most Athletic etc. The problem is, what to do if only one partner of the couple is in attendance at this Reunion. ---THE BIO deadline has been extended to 08/15/04 due to a number of classmates who have received their invitations late and classmates who we have not located as yet.

---The Committee discussed at great length the format of the booklet. It was recommended that there be a section for the Pass/Present pictures displayed in alphabetical order and there would be a section for the BIOS, also done in alphabetical order.

---The Reunion Committee voted that the BIOS should be limited to 1/2 page due to space limitations and cost of printing. If a previously submitted BIO is too long, it will be returned to the submitting classmate to be condensed. (Please See Addendum Below.)



---Sandi reported that 95 paid reservations have been made. There is $667.00 in individual contributions.



---Some members have already made their selections. Roz is going to contact the committee members who have not made their selections. The Committee will review the final 80 selections at a later date.



Sandi is going to ask Marlene Fisher Gerst to be in charge of Center Pieces. Marlene purchased GHS pins at a flea market. We're going to ask Marlene to buy bears and we will reimburse her.



---Individual Compliments are also invited at the cost of $25.00.



---Some invitations have been returned for better address. We know that one person has moved. We hope to get a current address for her soon. Pat and Sandi are meeting, June 28, 2004 to try to resolve the returned mail issue.



---Wednesday, August 4, 2004 at 6:00pm at the Tiffany Diner. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!

Submitted by Lyn Hurst Teel, Alternate Recorder


Dear Classmates, ---In the minutes of the June 23, 2004 Reunion Planning Meeting that were distributed by me via email yesterday, there was a paragraph about the bios possibly being limited to only a half a page. Since I am one of those who wrote more than an half page of bio text and memories, I was quite upset to think that my words would not appear in the space needed to persent all my thoughts. So, I spoke with our MEMORY BOOKLET EDITOR, dear classmate Lois Addision, and she assured me that the way the booklet is developing it is not necessary to shorten any bios.

---So, please continue to submit your bios and your memories of GHS for the memory booklet. They can be any length you desire.p> ---I look so forward to reading all of your input. Also, please continue to send in your recent photos, since the format for the booklet can accommodate past and present classmates photos attached to each bio text entry

---Hope this helps, since several classmates have contacted me about wanting to have their entire bio input appear in the booklet and not be shortened in any way. Also, email has been received asking that the bios and classmated photos be kept together.

---If you have any further concerns please email Lois at

bcc: Copies of this message are being distributed to all classmates for whom I have email addresses.


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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
& to George Palmer for sending Lois His Copy of the January 1957 Yearbook.

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