Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Merle Gross


---My memories of GHS are really wonderful. I think I loved my years there It felt to me that for the first time I began to have a sense of who I was. I remember enjoying school, the classes, the extracurricular activities I took part in, the fun I had, many of my classmates I really enjoyed.

--- Of my friends from those days, 3 have remained my closest friends and are part of the fabric of my life: Linda (Gitterman) Brener, Marcy (Forstein) Riesenbach, Joyce (Hurvitz) Bank. I think we have become much more like family than friends, and I mean this in a positive way.

--- The 2 teachers who pop into my mind who influenced me were Mervin Krimins (I don't even know if I'm spelling his name correctly) and Norman Kline, and Mr Wagner comes in close behind. These were 3 terrific teachers who taught not only their subjects but a love of learning. And Mr. Krimins' kindness at a difficult time meant a great deal to me. I've long gone beyond teachers I didn't care for.

--- I don't know if this is a happy or an unhappy memory, but there is a sweet sadness connected with all of our move-up and graduation ceremonies. I loved them, but already began to miss things.

Life After Germantown High

After GHS
---I became a physician and am a full-time practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, working with adults, children and adolescents. (By the way, I think we were a piece of cake compared with today's teenagers!)

---I am divorced. I have 3 wonderful children:

--- Christopher, almost 32, is married and about to receive his MBA. He works in the computer field, and says he will explain to me what he does on a need-to-know basis, as it is arduous to explain anything computeresque to me. He and his wife have 2 children, Alex, 2 years old, and Emma, 11 months. I need hardly say that I am madly in love with these babies.

---Elisabeth is 29 and also a physician, in her first year of Emergency Medicine residency, and is to be married on October 2 of this year (2004) (I guess at the time you read this, she will already be married).

---Miriam is 25 and a first year law student.

---Obviously I am proud of their accomplishments, but I am most proud of what good and decent people they are.

---These are the facts of my life. I look forward to filling in the details, and learning yours, at our reunion.

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