Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Marcy Forstein

Memories of GHS

---My memories of GHS are very special. I loved going to school every day for both the classes and the socialization - other than those days when our "crowd" decided to cut class. That "crowd" consisted of Sheila Altman, Marlene Fisher, Linda Gitterman, Merle Gross and Joyce Hurvitz . Our collective guilty conscience didn't allow us to do this very often, as witnessed by the fact that we couldn't work up our courage to cut until our last semester. How mature!

---The last names of the gals I cut school with may have changed, but the relationships with 3 of them have stayed the same, I am still very close friends with Joyce Hurvitz Bank, Linda Gitterman Brener and Merle Gross Edelstein. They were then, and continue to be a very important part of my life. We travel as a group (with or without our husbands) and have wonderful times together. Life is good! Need I say more?

Life After GHS

---After graduation, I attended Temple University for two years and later attended Beaver College. I was Secretary to the Treasurer of the University of Pennsylvania which was great fun since I had many friends attending Penn and I was dating a cute, redheaded guy from a Penn fraternity. Over the years, I have "dabbled" in many things from developing and then managing the volunteer program at a community mental health center, to being office manager of a career counseling agency, to managing a small law firm. I now enjoy the luxury of volunteer work. I was the volunteer president of the auxiliary of a local hospital (which was harder work than any paid position I ever held), and, in addition to remaining on the Auxiliary's Executive Board, I currently am volunteering at the Philadelphia Independence Visitors' Center.

---The redhead I mentioned above became my husband in 1960. Jerry and I will be married 44 years in August. We have lived locally for all of that time, however have moved around quite a bit. When we first married we lived in West Oaklane, then moved to Wyncote (Cheltenham Township). After our two sons graduated high school (and the dog died), we moved into Center City where we lived for almost 15 years. Both of our sons graduated from Penn and later received their MBA' s. Following their marriages and the arrival of grandchildren we followed their lead and moved to the western suburbs. We now live in Bala Cynwyd - only 10 minutes from each of their families.

---Our older son, Jeffrey, is divorced and the father of Matthew, 11 and Rachel, 9. Our younger son Michael and his wife, Susan, are the parents of Jake, 7, Julia, 5, and twins, Drew and Emily who will be just about 3 by the time of the reunion. Jerry and I feel very fortunate to live so near all of them. They fill our lives with great joy and pleasure.

---Most of you know me as Marcy, but my family's nickname for me took hold some time ago and I've been answering to "Cookie" for a long time. My grandchildren think the name MomMom Cookie is quite amusing.

---Looking forward to the Reunion. I can't wait to play "catch up" with everyone.

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