Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Mark Borowsky

Memories of GHS

---I fondly look back on the years I spent at Germantown High. I transferred from Central High in the tenth grade and was apprehensive about making new friends or renewing friendships from junior high school. All these fears were forgotten by my acceptance by my new fellow classmates. Since I had to work part time after school I tried to become as active as I could. Bowling team in 10th grade and football team in 11th and 12th grades. I still remember the comorodity that existed when you represented your high school against other schools. Academically I think that Germantown prepared me for college by instilling in me the need to balance both academics and school and social activities. I also think that the ethnic diversity that we had at school was an important part of my future role as an active community leader. I am sorry that I have not been able to continue the friendships that I made there.

---I also remember the social skills that I learned from my fellow female classmates. They might not have realized it but the daily interaction with them helped me be more comfortable as I started to interact sociably. I say this after being with my many friends who attended an all boys’ school. I found that most of my female friends in schools seemed to be interested in fellows who were freshman and juniors in collage but we all seemed to want to make our high school experience one to remember.

---I want to thank all of you who made my three years at Germantown High a very special time in my life.

Life After GHS

---My life after Germantown has been filled with many wonderful and bittersweet memories. My mother passed away after a lengthy illness in my freshman year of collage. Followed by my father a few years later. I graduated from Temple University with an accounting degree and started on a lengthy career in the accounting field. I have worked at my current position for a company that manages subsidized housing for the past thirty years and am starting to faze myself out to a semi-retirement status. I married a wonderful girl in 1962 and we had two wonderful girls who brought joy to our lives. Unfortunately my wife passed away in 1992. A mutual friend introduced me to a special woman who agreed to marry me in 1995. Between us we have eight grandchildren since then all under the age of six who we try not to spoil too much. I have lived in Margate NJ for the past 40 years and recently bought a house in Boynton Beach Fla. to get away from our cold winters in the future. I still keep active playing golf, tennis, sculling, fishing, gardening and anything that gets me outdoors.

---I have led a very active civic life. I became involved with the US Jaycees after moving to Margate and spent many years with that organization and still serve as President of its Scholarship Foundation. I have been president of our Jewish Community Center, my synagogue for 5 years, served on various committees for Lions Club, Jewish Federation, Miss America Pageant, Seafood Festival, United Way, local schools boards, and the New Jersey Supreme Court Fee Arbitration and Lawyers ethics Committee. I am a firm believer that we should all volunteer our services to non-profit organizations that are in desperate need of people to serve on their boards. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

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