Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Lorraine Griffin


***Once Upon a time I was a student at Germantown high. My teacher was Mr. Weiss, instructor of Distributive Education. We were given the tools needed to go out into the work world Had I realized I would be working for the next thirty years or more I might may have rethought my decision. Just kidding I really enjoyed my time in the class and on the job.

***Gym class was good as it kept me fit for all I had to do once I got to work.

***I was the senator of my class. That gave me a little time out of class and then I got to report what changes or information I needed to pass on to my classmates.

***Biology class was lots of fun as there was always someone there that thought dissecting a frog or whatever was gross.

***There was a time when I was in English class that I could not wait for lunch. I broke a piece off my tuna sandwich and boy did it light up the room. I can just see my teacher walking up and down the rows trying to find out who was eating. I did not get caught but I did not eat again.

***Lots of good memories - “Once upon a time at Germantown High…”

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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
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