Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Jacqueline Terry

Memories of GHS

---I really enjoyed my years at Germantown High School. I was supposed to graduate in June, 1956, but I had to repeat the 12th grade due to failing a major subject. We really had great teachers at GHS. My favorite teachers in particular were: Ms. Waldman, Ms. Duffy, Mrs. Sankowsky, and Mrs. Hoh..

Life After GHS

---After graduation, I worked on a deep sea fishing boat, because of my love for deep sea fishing. I attended Philadelphia General Hospital, where I studied in Nursing and attained my BSN degree. I got married in 1958 to my first husband and had a son in 1959. My son died in 1987 from Juvenile Diabetes at the young age of 28. He had suffered with diabetes since the age of 2.

--- After an amicable divorce, I got remarried in 1962, and had 2 more sons. One son is a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army stationed in Korea. My other son is a manager at a Fortune 500 Computer Software company. Both sons are married, and between them have 7 children.

---My husband also had a daughter from his 1st marriage. She is the President & C.E.O. for a growing business in Texas. She also has 2 children: The oldest being a Director of Investor Relations for a Fortune 500 company, with her husband being a VP of Creative Advertising for a Fortune 500 company. Her husband also is an actor, who recently starred in the Denzel Washington's box office smash: John Q. Her youngest daughter is a Manager of Billing Services for a Home Health Care Facility. Her youngest daughter is also married, and has 2 children.

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