Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Judy Mosheim

Memories of GHS

***I enjoyed my days at Germantown as Class Senator and my best experience with the outside world was the co-op program.

Life After GHS

***I am a mother of two sons, Arron (34) and Adam (37), and became a first-time grandmom on August 11, 2003 to baby Jacob. I work part-time at the customer service desk at the Willow Grove Park Mall. I thoroughly enjoy my job.

***My husband Robert and I love taking trips each summer throughout the US, and last summer we even made it to Alaska. The sites were beautiful.

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Special Thanks to Lois Addison for Scanning Yearbook Photos &
Special Thanks to Katherina Kripl Bonner for sending Lois Her Copy of the June 1957 Yearbook
& to George Palmer for sending Lois His Copy of the January 1957 Yearbook.

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