Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Edith Stout

Memories of GHS

***My name is Edith Stout Dixon. I came to Germantown High School in the 10th. grade. I was transferring from Lincoln High in the northeast. I was coming from, what at that time was, a very rural area. I was not ever around so many kids before, so you can imagine how excited I was to come to G.H.S.

***My first day there, two girls approached me and one said , "my name is Nanci Stone, what's yours". I told her her my name and she introduced me to the other girl, whose name was Fannie Long.

***Nanci has since passed on. But we remained friends until her death. Fannie has left the state and I have not been in touch with her.

***We became inseparable. If we didn't have the same classes, we would wait for each other and walk the halls to see if we could see some boys. Tommy Dixon, now my brother in law, Hawk Robinson, George Conway, Charles Gannerette, Len Parker, George Proctor, to name a few. Some of these guys were upper class men and not very interested in us. The girls were Connie Perkins, Yvonne Fortune, Judy Hartwell. I can remember Hawk trying to hide from us because he was so shy. He was over six foot tall and he would try to hide between lockers. We would go to football games and yell our heads off. We never missed a game at Thanksgiving. Nanci and Fannie would wait for me after school and we would go to the drug store at Germantown and Johnson and get ice cream sodas and milk shakes. Whoever had the money that day would pay. We had great times together and I cherish every one.

***I remember learning the dances in gym and running for the showers to try and get out before anyone could see how little we had grown.

***The teachers that I remember are my social studies and history teachers. One because he helped me and looked out for me. The other because he was so boring.

I was very happy at G.H.S..

Life After GHS

***I am now married and have four children. My husband's name is Clarence G. Dixon and I have four grandchildren.

***I worked for Cigna Insurance Company for fifteen years. Now I am with the Philadelphia School System and have been with the system for fourteen years.

***My children. three girls and one son, two are Philadelphia school teachers and two are social workers with the state. My one granddaughter is in her third year of college and my grandson is going into his second. The other two are still in elementary school.

All in all I have had a great life.

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