Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Dale Wilt Evans


GHS Memories
Dale Wilt Evans

***First the walk to school, one and a half miles down Germantown Ave., in all weather, usually carrying few books, the excitement of the world within and without looming. High school was more an inward affair, so my recollection is less of teachers and classmates as of budding thoughts and feelings. Mrs. Grossman (12th grade English) stands out in my memory for encouraging remarks on my papres and for her admiration of Albert Sweitzer. I would see her driving the Willys Jeep Wagon to school thinking someday she would take it to him in Lamborene, Africa. Thomas Wolfe's novel, Look Homeward Angel, I found at the school library in 10th grade. It spoke to me.

***Looking at GHS '57 from the high school experience of my children, it stands out in the way the teachers and administration encouraged our development without an overburden of rules and policing. They stood proudly and bid us do the same.

Life After GHS

Dale Wilt Evans

*** I never pursued a career following instead an inner yearning with a dissatisfaction of things about me and a love of the innocent and natural. This took me away from school at first, to a job at Phila Electric and a chance to help my mother buy her first home. But that grew narrow and constraining after a year or so and I went to college to study Philosophy and literature ----- first at Ursinus then Penn State. It was a zig-zag course, in and out of school, eventually pursuing Philosophy and Greek to the Ph.D. all the while trying to understand myself, the world about me, the history of thought and then with some added digestion express it.

***After thirteen years in and out of college teaching, I left the academic world finding it more suited to the sophist than the innocent and natural. I have since supported my family, a wife and four children, with a small remodeling business in rural Northwest PA. My first book, Truth and Mockery, came out in 2001. Others will follow, god willing.

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