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Diana Currey


GHS Memories
Diana Currey

*** I CAN'T FIND MY YEARBOOK!! Ergo, I don't plan to offer much about specific people, as I will misspell or mess up names. I do especially remember Mr. Kline's journalism class. In looking back, I think I was somewhat impressed with myself that I, (with Frank Primiano), was writing for the school newspaper - the "Cliveden Clipper". (We did the sports.) I also remember TOTALLY flunking cheerleading tryouts!! I definitely fondly remember our class song - "Moments to Remember" - they were indeed. About 2 months ago I walked into my boss's office and that song was playing on one of his oldies CD's. I sat down & said business could wait until it was over. Also I fondly remember Don's artistic work for the yearbook with bears. (See- no last name for Don!!)

Life After GHS

Diana Currey

***When we left GHS, Judy Renshaw, Dolores Gemenden & I entered Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, in the first full class of coeds in 109 years! We all graduated in '61. I met Bill there, class of '60, and we wed that August. He was an English teacher at Upper Darby High School.

***I had a BA in Romance Languages and was "trained" for absolutely nothing. I spent a day in the city applying for a job at whatever company would give me the opportunity. After securing a position as clerk in the Economics Sun Oil Company, I more or less retired 9 years later as a senior software analyst. ( I discovered computer lingo was just another language.)

***Our only child, Stefanie, was born in '69. I returned to work 1/2 days for a while. then tried to "retire" again. The company set me up at home with a phone line and pre-PC teletype machine so I could assist in the installation of a new system in Cleveland. I went back as a consultant for a few projects while being a classroom mom for three years, then had a stint at Chilton Research Services in data processing for another three years.

***Back in '82 I became self-employed with a consultant for investments, trusts, taxes, etc. where I've been part-time on & off ever since. Most of my current work involves taxes - preparing states, auditing federals, and researching & responding to IRS notices received by clients.

***When Stefanie reached high school, ( Bill had her in his senior AP English class!) she joined band front (flags). We became dedicated band parents to an award-winning group, building props, painting backgrounds, sewing flags, making hoagies & vending fruit & whatever for fund-raisers, etc. and we will NEVER forget the chaperoning of 4-5 night trips!! Stefanie also graduated from Muhlenberg and is an executive assistant at Main Line Health in Bryn Mawr.

***After 38 years, Bill retired from teaching in '98. We had always wanted to travel, and now we do - especially cruising. Beginning long ago, we had cruised Bermuda, Alaska, and most of the Caribbean. Since '98 we've done 3 land tours - South of England, Spain & France. (Sure I remembered my languages!! Not.) Our various cruises have taken us exploring the Greek Isles, most Mediterranean ports, Istanbul, Athens (twice), Rome (thrice), and, our favorite, Barcelona(also thrice!). We have also cruised Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Baltic Capitals, the Norwegian Fjords with a day in Amsterdam (definitely going back), and a Lisbon-to-Rome cruise which included Marseilles, Nice & Florence. We most recently cruised around South America from Santiago, "around" Cape Horn, to Falkland Islands, ending with 3 nights in Buenos Aires. In May we decided to check out one of the Mega-ships which had a rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, mall in the middle of the ship, etc. Quite impressive!!. In April 2005, we hope to experience a river cruise through Holland & Belgium, seeing more of Amsterdam. While we both have our health (more or less) and are still fit and able to travel, learn, and just explore, we're doin' it!!

***That's it folks!! Looking forward to seeing all in October

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