Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Bruce Brodman

Memories of GHS

***My memories of GHS have faded into an amorphous warm feeling. It took the web page, with the many mentions of Mr. Krimins, for me to realize that I had him for algebra 3 and 4 followed by solid geometry (that in reality, turned out to be analytical geometry). I am fairly sure that at one time I had Miss Duffy as a home room teacher.

***During my years at GHS I took part in no extra circular activities. This, in part, was due to a strange set of circumstances, while I was a student at GHS my father was a principal in the Philadelphia School district (this was my deep dark secret). Unfortunately, he reinvented himself as an educator, later in life, when he owned two drug stores. He had a B.S. in Pharmacy and went back to school and got a B.S. and M.S. in Education. When I entered the tenth grade we still had one faltering drug store that I had to work in, after school, until 9:00 pm.

***In general, my experiences at GHS were rewarding and pleasant. I donít remember having any life altering interaction with the teachers but maybe that was because I had an in-house educator.

Life After GHS

***I have worked for the US Army, as a research chemist, for well over forty years, first as a civilian employee (1962-2002) and then as a consultant (2002 to present). The first part of my career was spent at the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia and the second part at the Armaments Research, Development and Engineering Center, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey. The Army has been good to me, sending me to graduate school, allowing me the freedom to do independent research and sending me around the world several times. A short synopsis of my career is given below and if anyone is interested in seeing my CV in excruciating detail they can go to my web page

Education B.S. in Chemistry, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences, June 1961.

One year of graduate study in Biochemistry, Hahnemann Medical College. (1961-1962)

Three years of graduate study in Physical Organic Chemistry, Temple University (1963-1967)

2002 to Present- Senior Technical consultant with Elmhurst Research of Albany NY consulting on a range of projects dealing with energetic materials and ordnance items.

1998 to 2002 -Served as a Technical Specialist at the U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) in the general area of energetic materials, propulsion and pollution prevention.

1981 to 1998- Supervisory Research Chemist at ARDEC. Served as the supervisor for the Advanced Concept Team of the Propulsion Branch. Supervised a group of 13 scientists and engineers engaged in a range of research and exploratory development projects relating to energetic materials, propellants and pollution prevention

Patents and
Over fifty open literature publication in peer reviewed journals, relating to energetic materials, propellants and variety of pollution issues. Eight patents granted and five pending. Approximately 30 government reports in the energetic area. Numerous presentations before professional organizations.

Served as Executive Editor of the Journal of Ballistics from 1976 to 1995.

Publisher and founder of the Journal of Energetic Materials ( Recently sold to Taylor and Francis)

Have worked for the U. S. Army in the energetic area for over 40 years.

Hundreds of favorable open literature citations.

Received two Army Research and Development Achievement Awards for work in energetic and propulsion. Also, received approximately 35 performance awards.

***I am married to the former Beatrix F. Jacobi (aka Rikki Jacobi). Rikki graduated from Girls High School in 1958, was class valedictorian and received a scholarship to the Philadelphia College of Art (PCA). She graduated from the PCA in1962 with a B.A. in Illustration and went to work for Raymond Lowey in New York. During the two years that she worked for Raymond Lowey, Rikki did all the illustrations for the Lord and Taylor childrenís departments. Rikki returned to Philadelphia after her stint with Raymond Lowey and did freelance work. During this period she illustrated several childrenís books and did a lot of ads, mostly for the cosmetics industry. When Frankford Arsenal closed and we had to move, Rikki decided she was tired of art and reinvented herself as a librarian. She took the requisite courses to qualify as a librarian and is currently in charge of circulation at the Eastern Monroe County Public Library.

***We have three boys: Andrew, Todd and Brandon. All are finished with college and on their own. None of them are married and we have no grandchildren (at least none that we know about).

***We currently live in a large empty house, with an aging cat, in Stroudsburg PA.

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