Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Ann Hewes

Memories of GHS

---I am sure we did not realize how our years in high school were such an idyllic time. Life in those wonderful days has so often been portrayed in books and films. We were wholesome teens getting a good education and having fun while we were doing it. My children had an excellent high school education but their classes were not taught by the likes of Dr. Mullikin, Mr. Wagner or Mr. Klein. They were wonderful people who loved their subjects. We girls did have a good time in journalism with Mr. Kline. He had John Thorn on his team as the only male in the class.

---Cheerleading was definitely a highlight of those years. We worked hard but enjoyed it. We were fortunate to have had two class trips. When we were in D.C. for the junior trip, Betty and I wore the Confederate flag in our pony tails. We thought we were radical. We enjoyed our classmates and the scenery on our long day to Bear Mountain. Now for more than 40 years, I have been living in the foothills of Bear Mountain.

---I believe June Day was unique for Germantown. That took a lot of practice. We had quite a few proms and other dances when it was fun to shop for those unique dresses. Tumble Inn was my regular spot on Friday nights. I remember how we packed in and the place was extremely hot as a result. Afternoons many of us would have cherry cokes (when they were mixed at the fountain) and share a small bag of chips. We were big spenders and didn't like it when the waitress would want to move us along so she could set the tables for dinner.

---I am glad to have so many of you as part of these memories and thank the committee for their diligent work.

Life After GHS

---After graduation I attended Susquehanna U. I think my main attraction had been that it was quite small (500 at the time). After graduating with a BS in '61, I married John. He had been one year ahead of me and we dated his senior year. My parents had moved to St. Louis while I was in college and I lost contact with my Germantown friends.

---I worked for New York Life Ins. and Travelers Ins. but that was many years ago. We have lived in the New York area most of the time although we lived in Fremont, CA for four years in the 70's. The flower children were gone, but the Patty Hearst saga was the big news.

---We have two children. Mandi, 35, graduated from Gettysburg College and has been working as a consultant for legal firms. She recently "retired" and is busy with her house and dogs. Rich, 26, is a Duke graduate. He works as a analyst for a small hedge fund. He will be marrying a long-time friend on Labor Day weekend. John and I recently moved to a townhouse to get away from the yard work and the pool; but since we sold it to Rich I don't know if we've truly gotten away.

---We have traveled from Hawaii to Israel, but spend time each winter in Cancun. Going to Britain the first time was so exciting. Even though my ancestors came long ago, I felt like I was going home. I am sure many of us have been blessed by travel we could not have imagined in high school.

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