Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957


Life After Germantown High

Merle Gross

After GHS
I became a physician and am a full-time practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, working with adults, children and adolescents. (By the way, I think we were a piece of cake compared with today's teenagers!)

I am divorced. I have 3 wonderful children:

Christopher, almost 32, is married and about to receive his MBA. He works in the computer field, and says he will explain to me what he does on a need-to-know basis, as it is arduous to explain anything computeresque to me. He and his wife have 2 children, Alex, 2 years old, and Emma, 11 months. I need hardly say that I am madly in love with these babies.

Elisabeth is 29 and also a physician, in her first year of Emergency Medicine residency, and is to be married on October 2 of this year (2004) (I guess at the time you read this, she will already be married).

Miriam is 25 and a first year law student.

Obviously I am proud of their accomplishments, but I am most proud of what good and decent people they are.

These are the facts of my life. I look forward to filling in the details, and learning yours, at our reunion.


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