Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957

Life After GHS

Linda Kosmin

Linda Kosmin Langford:

For 37 years, my work title was Science Librarian, which was supported in part by academic degrees in Chemistry, Library Science, and Environmental Science (Air/Water Pollution Control). Since 1994, I served as Manager of the Library, Archives, and Records Section at the California Institute of Technology NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I also served as the NASA Scientific and Technical Information Manager. In 1998, I was awarded the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for advancing technical library services at JPL. After retiring in August 2000, I relocated from Pasadena, CA back to Philadelphia to marry George. When I am not developing the Engineering Management & Technical Information Resources Web site at, my time is spent painting colorful animal portraits. An updated biography appears in Who's Who of American Women.



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