Germantown High School * Philadelphia, PA. * Class of 1957

Life After GHS

George Fetherman

after GHS .........

In 1958, it was off to active duty in the US Navy. I was already in the reserves and was required to do two years of active duty.

At first I was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Leyte CVS-32. She was home ported in Quonset Point, RI. I had put in for this ship because Eugene Mitchell and I had been planning to go to the New Port Jazz Festival. So now there was still a good chance of making it.

The ship had gone up to Quebec City, Canada to participate in the city's 200th. anniversary celebration. Since the US Navy considered me indispensable, they got a plane out of a hanger, woke me up at 0300 (3 am) and flew me to Quebec.

Even though I missed the jazz festival, Quebec City was a very interesting place and it was a good and enjoyable experience.

As it turned out, the Leyte was on her last legs and due to be decommissioned at the end of the year. By around September most of the crew had been transferred away and just a skeleton decommissioning crew was left. In another month I was gone too. Transferred to the commissioning crew of the latest and greatest new aircraft carrier the USS Independence CVA-62.

My two years of active duty were spent on the flight deck of aircraft carriers, a very dangerous, but extremely interesting place to be. Would not trade the experience.

After leaving the navy in May of 1960, I joined the musicians union local 77 in Philadelphia and as we use to say, put my name on the board. "Available Drummer contact George Fetherman - GE 8 9742"

From that I got my first job in a road band The Chancellors. (The other sites of bands I've played with can be found on my home page)

For the better part of the next 21 years, I was a road musician. Initially playing clubs. But by the end of the 60's was playing hotel lounges. The lounges were much better gigs (jobs) than the clubs.

During this time I also managed to get married twice and have three kids, two boys, one girl. Sadly my daughter (Jane) died when she was eighteen. My oldest son (Louis) became a lifer in the US Army and is still on active duty stationed in Washington state. The youngest son (Eugene) has dedicated most of his life to being a pain in the ass and currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first marriage lasted nine years. Then she found someone else she'd rather spend her time with.

My second wife (Margaret) and I will celebrate our 30th. anniversary on 5 August 2003. We've been living in Pinellas County Florida (Tampa Bay Area) for 22 years. We came here with a band. The band broke up and we decided to stay.

Since then I've worked day gigs to earn my living but continued to play music on a part time basis. Currently I work for a freight forwarder (DHL Danzas).

Started playing with computers in the early 80's and maintain well over 1000 pages of web sites. (My original site, which was started as an "E Scrapbook" of the bands I've played with. The USS Independence site which is by far the largest and still growing. The USS Independence Reunion Association site and of course now this GHS Class of "57" site.

Look forward to seeing you all at the 2004 reunion.
George Fetherman


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